Stylin’ Profilin’ – Jennifer Lawrence

Over the weekend we saw “American Hustle” the new David O. Russell movie staring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It was a great film, really funny and not surprisingly, really well acted.

Jennifer Lawrence is without a doubt the “It” girl of 2013.  She won the Oscar for Best Actress (and endearingly tripped on her Dior Haute Couture dress on the way up to collect her award). But I think why we’re so in love with her is because she’s just so fricking cool. She seems the type of girl you could totally be friends with and forget she’s a total mega super star.

Obviously she’s got great stylists for red carpet events, but her every day street style says a lot about her personality. Down to Earth, comfortable and effortlessly cool. Jennifer Lawrence, I have a girl crush on you.

Jennifer Lawrence

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