My (Tragic) Christmas

It all started innocently enough. My husband and I decided to do the 49-mile scenic drive around SF. We thought it being Christmas and all there would probably not be many people out and about.

The drive was going great, there was not much traffic and the wether was absolutely perfect. It turned out to be a drive down memory lane for us, reflecting back on the 10 years we’ve spent together in this city.

We drove by City Hall. (Excuse the photos, I took most of them while stopped at red lights). We got our domestic partnership here when Mike got his first job out of college so I could get medical insurance.


Wove around downtown a little bit. This is the corner of Van Ness & Post. Our last apartment in the city was a few blocks from here. It was crazy to see how empty it was as it’s usually a really busy intersection.


Through the gates of Chinatown. Which is always bustling with tourists, no matter what day it is.


IMG_1466 copy

Then up California Street and into Nob Hill, another one of our old neighborhoods.


A shot of Grace Cathedral. Our first apartment together was a few blocks from here.


We stopped for a picnic lunch at Crissy Field, one of our favorite spots in the city. We had our engagement photo shoot here.


And past The Palace of Fine Arts.


We stopped at Fort Point which surprisingly neither of us had been to before.


We hiked down to the pier on the water. See what I mean about the beautiful weather?


Then we wove our way down the Great Highway along Ocean Beach.


The route took us around Lake Merced and as we drove past Park Merced, a huge apartment complex along a really busy road, I accidentally struck and killed someone’s dog. She ran out into traffic SO fast I didn’t even see her until it was too late. We stopped and Mike called the poor dog’s owner. Apparently the owner’s roommate (or a friend of her roommate, I’m not sure) left the front door open and Lucy, a little Jack Russell Terrier, ran away.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset in my whole life. Surprisingly Lucy’s owner didn’t yell and scream at me. In fact, she apologized to me! I couldn’t believe it. We sat with her and cried together for a good long while until one of her friends came. They took Lucy and left.

I guess the one silver lining is Lucy died very suddenly, she didn’t suffer and she wasn’t bleeding or anything. But yeah…as you can imagine I’m pretty fucked up about it. I love animals…like a lot. More than people most of the time. And this would be upsetting any day but on Christmas it’s especially awful. Even though it was a total accident this is BY FAR the worst thing I’ve ever done.

I don’t know why I want to share this with you. It’s not to beg for sympathy, believe me I don’t think I can feel worse than I already do. In a way I feel it’s therapeutic to let it out somehow. Maybe because everyone is always posting these perfect Christmas moments all over social media and in real life not everyone had a perfect holiday. So if you’re out there and had a really shitty Christmas, know you’re not alone. I, for one, am never leaving the house on Christmas again.

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